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    Explore our back issues by theme

    –Themes for social value creation
    NEC Technical Journal by Theme

    In this section we take a look at the technologies deployed to create social value, organized according to the seven themes underlying NEC's efforts in this area. These are introduced through feature articles and papers in NEC Technical Journal.

    NEC will visualize the continually changing conditions of the earth and contribute to the realization of a society that coexists harmoniously with the earth, through the efficient and equal distribution of limited resources and measures to preempt the effects of threats to the earth.

    Selected articles

    Sustainable Earth

    NEC contributes to sustainable city management that will allow cities to demonstrate their regional appeal by joining hands with citizens, industry, government, and academia to realize a safe and secure citizen service platform utilizing ICT.

    Selected articles

    Safer Cities &amp; Public Services

    Using advanced and flexible ICT systems to reduce differences between regions and time zones and realize 24/7/365 uninterrupted infrastructures, NEC is continuing to provide important resources safely and efficiently.

    Selected articles

    Lifeline Infrastructure

    NEC contributes to the realization of the value creation network from information and communication technologies found everywhere from the ocean floor to outer space and through with customers and partners. This network allows people and companies throughout the world to use information and knowledge safely, securely, and equally.

    Selected articles


    NEC realizes Value Chain Innovation through the realization of a platform and co-creation for the sustainable development of corporations.

    Selected articles

    Industry Eco-System

    Through ICT, NEC will design diverse ways of working to create high-quality work and employment.

    Selected articles

    Work Style

    Through ICT, NEC promotes an equal and prosperous society that embraces diversity and allows all individuals to play an active role. We are constructing educational environments that overcome barriers of location and time, and enabling diverse healthcare services that include preventive medicine.

    Selected articles

    Quality of Life