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    NEC Technical Journal

    Through a well-balanced mix of technical papers, easy-to-understand articles about technological trends, and case studies, NEC Technical Journal introduces its readers to all the latest technologies, products, and solutions from the NEC Group. Please note that it is not available in a print format.

    Latest news

    Latest issue

    Vol. 13 No. 2 (April 2019)
    Special Issue on Social Value Creation Using Biometrics

    This special issue introduces the biometric solutions NEC has developed and is developing, multimodal biometrics that combines a variety of different recognition technologies, and the cutting-edge technology that supports them.

    Popular features

    Trending papers from our past issues

    This special issue highlights NEC's aim to create people-centered societies and transform the lives of citizens based on the idea of city management.

    Vol. 13 No. 1
    Special Issue on Sustainable Data-driven City Management

    In this special issue, we will introduce our efforts to ensure cybersecurity and the solutions we have to offer to our customers, as well the cutting-edge technologies.

    Vol. 12 No. 2
    Special Issue on Cybersecurity

    This special issue will describe our vision for NEC's space system business, our roadmap to its achievement, and details of the activities and programs that will lead us to our destination.

    Vol.6 No.1
    Special Issue on Space Systems

    NEC Technical Journal by Theme

    Technologies related to the seven themes for social value creation, to which NEC is committed, are introduced through feature articles and papers in NEC Technical Journal.

    Explore our back issues by purpose

    The website has a navigation function enabling a more detailed search for papers you want to read. Pages that are relevant to the purpose of your search will be introduced.

    Even with the constant progress of technology, numerous articles from the past still receive attention. Here, we introduce 10 articles per year that receive the most attention.

    Recommended articles by year

    The History of NEC Technical Journal

    The story of the NEC Technical Journal dates back to May 1902 when, shortly after NEC was founded, we published the first edition of its forebear, a monthly PR magazine entitled Nippon Denki Geppo (Nippon Electric Monthly).

    Looking Back at NEC's History

    Here you can explore the history and achievements of NEC through articles that dig through past issues of NEC Technical Journal while focusing on themes that are relevant today.

    Download digital book (EPUB)

    The NEC Technical Journal is available in EPUB format. Each issue of the journal is released as a single EPUB file.It is suitable for reading with your smartphone or tablet.

    Inquiries: NEC Management Partner, Ltd. (former NEC Design & Promotion, Ltd.)