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    Explore our back issues by purpose

    In this section, we provide tips on quickly locating relevant papers from the NEC Technical Journal booklet or website.

    The website has a navigation function enabling a more detailed search for papers you want to read. Pages that are relevant to the purpose of your search will be introduced.

    How to find a specific technical paper

    For researchers

    For those who want to read a collection of papers related to a single theme

    Each special issue

    Technologies that are garnering significant societal attention are introduced here based on themes of social value creation to which NEC is committed.

    • Vol.12 No.2 Special Issue on Cybersecurity

      See actual page

    • Vol.12 No.1 Special Issue on IoT That Supports Digital Businesses

      See actual page

    • Vol.11 No.2 Special Issue on FinTech That Accelerates Digital Transformation

      See actual page

    Index by year of issue (Back numbers)

    All previous issues on our website are listed in the order of the latest publication year first.

    For those who want to read a collection of papers related to a specific technology

    Search back issues

    You can use keywords to search for relevant papers in NEC Technical Journal.

    Most popular searches

    Read a collection of papers regarding NEC’s initiatives and direction

    For executives and managers

    Explore our back issues by theme–Themes for social value creation

    Technologies related to the seven themes for social value creation, to which NEC is committed, are introduced through feature articles and papers in NEC Technical Journal.

    Find out the history behind NEC’s initiatives and technologies

    For executives and managers

    Looking Back at NEC's History

    Here you can explore the history and achievements of NEC through articles that dig through past issues of NEC Technical Journal while focusing on themes that are relevant today.

    Find out the history behind NEC Technical Journal

    For executives and managers

    The History of NEC Technical Journal

    The story of the NEC Technical Journal dates back to May 1902 when, shortly after NEC was founded, we published the first edition of its forebear, a monthly PR magazine entitled Nippon Denki Geppo (Nippon Electric Monthly).

    Read NEC Technical Journal at any time and from anywhere

    For executives and managers

    For researchers

    Download digital book (EPUB)

    The NEC Technical Journal is available in EPUB format. Each special issue is released as a single EPUB digital book.