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    Vol.5 (2010)

    • Special Issue on Total Eco-Solution for Office
      • Energy-saving ICT equipment
      • Work style innovation
      • Facility energy saving
      • EMS (Energy Management System)
      • Research & development
    • General Papers
    • NEC Information

    Cover picture

    • Special Issue on Public Safety
      • Biometric identification
      • Video surveillance and monitoring systems
      • Access control system
      • Aviation safety management
    • General Papers

    Cover picture

    • Special Issue on Cloud Computing
      • Cloud-oriented Service Platform Solutions
      • Cloud-oriented Service Platform Solutions/Services (consulting, SaaS)
      • Cloud-oriented Service Platform Solutions/SaaS platform services & supporting technologies
      • Cloud-oriented Service Platform Solutions/IT platform services & supporting technologies
      • Key technologies supporting cloud-oriented service platform/IT infrastructures
      • Platform to support the cloud computing services of telecommunication carriers
      • Personal Cloud
      • R&D supporting future cloud computing infrastructure technologies

    Cover picture

    • Special Issue on Optical Submarine Cable System
      • Fundamental Technologies and Devices
      • Systems and Construction Technologies

    Cover picture