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    No.2 (April 2019)

    Special Issue on Social Value Creation Using Biometrics

    • Commitment to Biometrics NEC Is Promoting
    • Services and Solutions That Leverage Biometrics
    • Core Technologies and Advanced Technologies to Support Biometrics

    NEC Information

    No.1 (November 2018)

    Special Issue on Sustainable Data-driven City Management

    • Vision for Data-driven City Management
    • Demonstration and Implementation Examples of Data-driven Smart Cities
    • City Management Technologies
    • Co-creation with Local Communities

    General Papers

    NEC Information


    No.2 (January 2018)

    Special Issue on Cybersecurity

    • Social trends & NEC’s approach
    • Cybersecurity solutions
    • Applications of AI technology to cybersecurity
    • In-house efforts provide safety and security for customers

    No.1 (October 2017)

    Special Issue on IoT That Supports Digital Businesses

    • Platforms built to support IoT
    • IoT solutions that offer value to customers

    General Paper


    No.2 (June 2017)

    Special Issue on FinTech That Accelerates Digital Transformation

    NEC Information

    No.1 (December 2016)

    Special Issue on AI & Social Value Creation

    • Creating new social value
    • A world-leading array of AI technologies
    • NEC’s open innovation is generating exciting developments in AI technology


    No.3 (July 2016)

    Special Issue on Telecom Carrier Solutions for New Value Creation

    • SDN/NFV solutions to offer new values for network systems
    • Transport systems to cope with the rapidly increasing traffic
    • Solutions to achieve highly advanced wireless transport networks
    • ICT solutions for telecom carriers

    General Paper

    NEC Information

    No.2 (April 2016)

    Special Issue on NEC’s Smart Energy Solutions Led by ICT

    • Solution for general customers
    • Solutions for enterprises
    • Solution for energy enterprises
    • Technology development and standardization

    No.1 (December 2015)

    Special Issue on Enterprise Solutions to Support a Safe, Secure and Comfortable Life

    • Value chain innovation: "MAKE"
    • Value chain innovation: "CARRY"
    • Value chain innovation: "SELL"
    • Sustainable living/Sustainable lifestyles
    • NEC's advanced ICT/SI for the enterprise domain


    No.2 (June 2015)

    Special Issue on Future Cloud Platforms for ICT Systems

    • NEC C&C cloud platforms – NEC Cloud IaaS Services
    • Products and latest technologies supporting NEC C&C cloud platforms
    • For the security and safety of critical infrastructure
    • Case Studies
    • NEC Information

    No.1 (January 2015)

    Special Issue on Solutions for Society - Creating a Safer and More Secure Society

    • For a life of efficiency and equality
    • For a safer and more secure life
    • For the security and safety of critical infrastructure
    • Advanced technologies for a safer and more secure society
    • NEC Information


    No.3 (July 2014)

    Special Issue on Social Value Design - Contributing to Social Value Innovations

    • Technologies, techniques and processes for the implementation of Social Value Design
    • Social experience
    • User experience
    • NEC Group’s Approach to Social Value Design

    No.2 (April, 2014)

    Special Issue on SDN and Its Impact on Advanced ICT Systems

    • NEC Enterprise SDN Solutions
    • NEC Data Center SDN Solutions
    • Latest technologies supporting NEC SDN Solutions
    • Case study
    • General Papers

    No.1 (September, 2013)

    Special Issue on Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities

    • Build reliable information and communications infrastructure
    • Address climate change and environmental preservation
    • Establish a safe and secure society
    • Include everyone in the digital society


    No.3 (March, 2013)

    Special Issue on Smart Device Solutions

    • Service platforms
    • Smart devices
    • Solutions
    • Technical researches
    • General Papers

    No.2 (September, 2012)

    Special Issue on Big Data

    • Big data processing platforms
    • Big data processing infrastructure
    • Data analysis platforms
    • Information collection platforms
    • Advanced technologies to support big data processing
    • General Papers

    No.1 (March, 2012)

    Special Issue on Smart Energy Solutions

    • EV charging infrastructures
    • Energy storage system
    • Energy Management System (EMS)
    • Energy devices
    • General Papers
    • NEC Information


    No.1 (April, 2011)

    Special Issue on Space Systems

    • Progress with the implementation of NEC’s Roadmap
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Satellites/Space station)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Satellite ground system)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Satellite Bus)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Communication)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Observation sensors)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Fundamental technologies)
    • Technologies/Products supporting roadmap implementation (Guidance control computer)
    • Asteroid probe MUSES-C (HAYABUSA)
    • NEC Information

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