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            NEC is leveraging the power of ICT to solve social and economic issues such as traffic congestion in public transport. By applying the experience it has cultivated over many years of delivering successful projects to customers, NEC is contributing to achieving a more eco-friendly public transportation infrastructure.

            By Operation

            Operation Solution
            Fare Collection Automated Fare Collection
            Vehicle Operation Management Fleet Management System /Passenger Information System
            Driver Management Driver Profiling System
            Vehicle Accident Prevention Accident Reduction System
            Schedule Optimization Schedule Optimization System

            Case Studies

            Customer case studies illustrating how problems were solved and examples of NEC approaches


            Shows some solutions and case examples

            Column / Report

            Articles that may be helpful to a customer

            Events / Seminars / Press Releases

            Shows events, seminars and press releases

            Transportation Solutions - NEC's concept

            Overall Public Transport Solutions


            Global Proven Track Records


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