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            NEC Space Systems

            NEC Space Systems


            NEC's space-related business began in 1956 when it delivered a rocket telemetry transmitter-receiver system to the Production Engineering Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. NEC then led the development of Japan's first satellite, Ohsumi, which was launched in 1970. Since then, we have been engaged in the development of about 70 satellites, including communications, broadcast, Earth observation, astronomical observation, engineering test and interplanetary exploration satellites.


            Satellite Systems

            • NEXTAR
            • Engineering Test Satellite
            • Communications / Broadcast Satellite
            • Earth Observation Satellite
            • Scientific Satellite

            Satellite Communications Subsystems (NEC Space Technologies, Ltd.)

            • Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
            • Receiver (RCVR)
            • Converter (CONV)
            • Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
            • Beacon Transmitter (BCN)

            Satellite Bus Subsystems

            • NEXTAR Bus
            • TT&C
            • Solar Array Panel (SAP)
            • GPS receiver
            • Ion engine

            On-board Antennas

            • Antenna
            • Large Deployable Reflector

            Earth Observation Sensors

            • OPTICAL
            • RADAR

            Ground Systems

            • Remote sensing
            • TT&C
            • Positioning


            • NEC Space Solution Video NEC Online TV
            • JEOSS
            • Satellite Equipment
            • Space Solution Japanese Site

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