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    Behavior Detection

    NEC offers a highly efficient and user-friendly video analytics solution that monitors behaviors and flags any actions pre-determined as unusual. This software ‘Behavior Detection’ automatically detects suspicious behavior such as intrusion, loitering, and object abandonment based on user-defined time and location parameters. It can distinguish between humans, shadows and moving objects.

    NEC’s Behavior Detection increases the speed and accuracy of suspicious detection and thus improves surveillance while reducing staff and equipment costs.

    1. What is Video Analytics?

    Video Analytics, also referred to as Video content analysis (VCA). It is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image. Many different functionalities can be implemented in VCA.

    One use case for video analytics, "Behavior Detection" is the practice of using computers to automatically identify things of interest without an operator having to view the video.

    2. What we can do - Features

    Below are some of the features supported by NEC’s Behavior Detection:

    • Detect intrusion to prohibited area
    • Detect abandoned object
    • Detect fallen person
    • Detect crowded persons
    • Count number of people
    • Masking
    • Easy setting interface

    Most importantly a combination of above features can be used together to allow scenario type detection. This enables operators to define user specific scenarios for more specific security applications.

    NEC’s Behavior Detection can work with wide-ranging third party cameras (IP, IR, etc.).

    3. Application

    Few applications of Video Analytics are as below:

    • Banks – Suspicious Person Detection
    • Perimeter Intrusion for Critical Infrastructures
    • Stadiums - Suspicious Person Detection, Abandoned Object Detection
    • Airports- Suspicious Person Detection, Abandoned Object Detection
    • Railway/Metro Stations- Suspicious Person Detection, Abandoned Object Detection
    • Parking Management
    • Vehicle Monitoring on roads


    Behaviour Detection Solution