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    Case Studies

    The success of the 18th Asian Games hosted in Indonesia is ensured due to their ICT partnership with NEC.

    Indonesian Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee

    NEC provides biometric identification solution for JUNAEB national school meal program in Chile

    JUNAEB School Meals Program (SMP)

    Biometric Identification for Over 1 Billion People

    Unique Identification Authority of India

    Safer and More Enjoynable Events

    Ladies Professional Golf Association

    Transforming Police in London

    Metropolitan Police Service

    NEC NeoFace Reveal face recognition software helps the City of Irving Texas police department to identify suspects and criminal offenders.

    Irving Police Department

    Facial Recognition a Sure Bet for Casino Security

    Merit Lefko?a Casino

    Make Surat the safest city in India with face recognition technology

    Surat City Police

    NEC provides an intelligent surveillance solution by Face Recognition to improve the security level of the stadium.

    Atanasio Girardot Stadium - Medellin Stadium

    NEC solved various issues for complex plans and provided the integrated solutions in a short period of time.

    RIOgale?o - Tom Jobim International Airport

    Building a safe environment for residents and tourists and becoming a model of safe and vital city.

    Tigre City

    NEC helps Toshima City develop swift, decisive disaster response.

    Toshima City

    Enhancing security with cutting-edge, intelligent face recognition technology.

    Lemon Tree Hotels

    NEC's Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) realized 100% service for identity document issuance and enhanced productivity of experts, police chiefs and civil police.

    Institute of Identification of the Civil Police of the Federal District in Brazil - Civil and Criminal ID Solution

    NEC's breakthrough AFIS technology in South Africa produced the world's largest citizen identification database.

    South African Department of Home Affairs - Biometrics ID Solution