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  • NeoFace Watch

    Protecting Your Community

    Security threats are a growing concern at international and national levels, as well as within commercial organizations. With the threats to international borders, governments are ordering reviews of their security arrangements at airports, seaports and public transportation hubs. Law enforcement agencies are also charged with identifying wanted individuals in public places. In addition, security and facilities managers need to keep known undesirables and unknowns off their premises, as well as identifying returning VIPs to a facility.

    NEC’s NeoFace Watch solution is specifically designed to integrate with existing video analytics systems by extracting faces in real time from existing video cameras and matching against a watch list of individuals. When the system identifies an individual of interest from the watch list, it raises an alert, so appropriate actions can be taken rapidly to reduce the risk of public safety threats.

    Independent testing confirms that NEC’s NeoFace technology provides most accurate matching capability and is the most resistant to variants in ageing, pose angle.

    High Performance

    NeoFace Watch helps reduce the risk of security threats by integrating face matching technology with video analytics input while checking individuals against known photographic watch lists, and producing real-time alerts.

    What It Delivers

    • High performance matching capability with multiple camera feeds
    • Detection of persons of interest on premises in real-time
    • Real-time alerts to be acted upon as necessary
    • Suitable for the detection of both undesirables and VIPs
    • Ability to process live and archived video images

    Easy Integration and Deployment

    The NeoFace Watch application is a Web-based thin client with an easy-to-use user interface. It is unobtrusive and requires no operator interaction. The application can be easily customized and integrated into existing systems and operational processes.

    How It Works

    • A camera integrated with NEC’s NeoFace Watch biometric technology is installed in suitable pinch points.
    • Faces of individuals are captured and extracted from the video feed and quality matched in real-time. NeoFace Watch software is able to process multiple camera feeds extracting and matching thousands of faces per minute.
    • NeoFace Watch matches faces from video cameras against the appropriate watch list databases and raise real-time alerts.

    Unsurpassed Accuracy & Matching Speed

    NEC NeoFace technology’s strength lies in its tolerance of poor quality. Highly compressed videos and images, previously considered of little to no value, are now usable evidence and leading to higher rates of positive identification. With its proven ability to match low resolution facial images, including images with resolutions down to just 24 pixels between the eyes, NEC’s NeoFace technology outperforms all other face recognition systems in matching accuracy. While searching of latent fingerprints at crime scenes is standard, NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology can now positively identify latent photos with high degree of accuracy.

    Global Leadership

    NEC's biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety. By applying experience in biometric identification solutions used in many countries around the world, NEC has concentrated on developing stronger face recognition methods within the framework of biometric security systems and is now applying face recognition technology to law enforcement and other markets.

    PDF Downloads

    NeoFace Watch Brochure
    NeoFace Watch Flyer