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      Research & Development

      Small data learning technology for deep learning enables highly accurate learning
      Small data learning technology for deep learning enables highly accurate learning
      Data Understanding with Semantic Technology
      that automatically understands the meaning of data and accelerates data integration
      Secure computation technology
      Secure computation technology
      for analyzing data with the information concealed
      Learning and modeling the intentions of experts to reproduce advanced decision-making
      Rare Event Discovery Technology
      Rare Event Discovery Technology
      Revealing all possible patterns and their probabilities by AI and simulation integration
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      Events, Media Exposure

      August 21, 2019
      Collaboration research between MIT Media Lab and NEC (Terumi Umematsu, Biometrics Research Laboratories) on "Stress forecasting technology" has been featured on MIT Media Lab's website as one of the successful collaborations.

      new windowNEC-MIT Media Lab collaboration

      May 7, 2019
      Motoo Nishihara, Executive Vice President and CTO of NEC will present a lecture "NEC's New Strategy for Inbound/Outbound Open Innovation" at Stanford University on May 7, 2019.

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      April 2, 2019
      Takeo Hosomi and Takuya Araki of NEC Data Science Research Laboratories will present a lecture on "Accelerating Spark MLlib and DataFrame with Vector Processor “SX-Aurora TSUBASA” at Spark + AI Summit in San Francisco on April 24.
      March 28, 2019
      Satoshi Morinaga, Research Fellow of NEC Data Science Research Laboratories, will present a lecture on "Realizing smart supply chains by next-generation AI technologies" at the German-Japanese Economic Forum in Hannover on April 3rd.
      March 15, 2019
      Hitoshi Imaoka, Research Fellow & Director  at NEC Biometrics Research Laboratories, and Hans Peter Graf, Department Head of Machine Learning at NEC Laboratories America will join a panel discussion at The AI Summit "AI/SUM" (Apr. 22-24, Tokyo).

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