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  • Healthcare

    Big Data in Healthcare made Simple

    The vast amount of data generated by the healthcare industry holds the promise of supporting a wide range of medical and healthcare tasks, including clinical analytics and decision support, patient profiling, disease surveillance, regulatory and compliance requirements, scientific research, and many others. Beyond improving profits and cutting down on wasted overheads, Big Data in healthcare is being used to predict epidemics, cure disease, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths.

    Through DPH, we provide an agile platform that allows leading healthcare and life sciences organizations to address and overcome a wide variety of business and clinical challenges such as improving patient safety, reducing enhancing drug discovery etc. We focus on assisting our clients to combine historical data which traditionally remained in isolated data silos such as patient electronic health records, insurance claims information etc. with real time data available to help organizations move from the brick and mortar reporting structure to predictive analytics.

    Improve Clinical Practice & Reduce Re-admittance

    Business Problem

    • Data scattered across spreadsheets
    • Enormous amount of semi-structured data for patient from ages
    • Patient Data includes Radiology/Pathology Report and rounding notes
    • Data not searchable or retrievable

    NEC Solution

    • NEC Data Platform for Hadoop allows healthcare to store data in its native format

    • All the Legacy Semi structured Data & EMR can be stored in HDFS to make it searchable and retrievable

    • Real time analytics for Clinical info, & Diagnostic data mart


    • Millions of legacy records are searchable and retrievable using Hadoop HDFS which helps in removing legacy system

    • Monitor and transmit patient vital sign every minute and send the alert if it crosses the threshold and save lives

    • Reduce re-admittance of a heart patient by analysing daily weight change data, identify risk by rapid weight gain and notify clinician about the case

    • Reduced cost for data storage and improved clinical operation for better patient care

    Improve Patient Treatment with Real-Time Monitoring of Vital Signs

    Business Problem

    • Inability to store and access sufficient data for medical decision support in real time

    • Millions of patient records on a legacy system were not searchable nor retrievable

    • Cohort selection for research projects was slow, despite abundance of data

    • Clinicians had minimal access to historical data gathered across all patients

    NEC Solution

    • Unified data lake that improves patient health, speeds up research

    • Legacy system retired immediately, savings million dollars for recurring expense

    • Records stored with patient identification for clinical use, same data presented anonymously to researchers for cohort selection

    • Wireless patches transmit vital signs; algorithms notify doctors of high risk patterns

    • Heart patients weigh themselves from home. Algorithms notify doctors about unsafe weight changes and recommend a visit to the clinic

    • Data stored in HDFS to make it searchable and retrievable


    • Real time patient health monitoring for faster response and better patient care

    • Real time analytics for Clinical info, & Diagnostic data mart

    • Monitor and transmit patient heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature every minute and send the alert if it cross the threshold, so staff can attend the patient

    • Vital information combined with patient medical history, demographic information and other patient with similar risk factor gives better insight and allows to make better medical decision to improve treatment

    Improving Lifelong Care for Epileptic Patients

    Business Problem

    • Difficulty treating epilepsy which is a chronic, unpredictable and difficult to treat condition that often leads to depression

    • Epilepsy can go undiagnosed and epileptics are at higher risk of depression, making condition more difficult to manage

    • Social data on patient behavior is unavailable for combination with tabular data on clinical history and pharmaceutical prescriptions

    NEC Solution

    • DPH with Hortonworks HDP unifies disparate data for management of chronic condition

    • Data lake for a 360-degree view of the patient: electronic medical records, history of clinic visits, Facebook, Twitter & sentiment survey data

    • Dynamic calculation of changing sentiment scores drives proactive outreach

    • Clinicians reference current psychographic & sentiment data immediately before (and during) the patient’s scheduled clinical visits


    • Single view of patient by combining EMR records, clinic visit and SNS data for better patient care

    • Offer comprehensive and optimized care plan for the Epileptic patient